It is time to start creating your fairytale wedding day that you have dreamed of since you were a kid! There are many possibilities available when your budget isn’t a concern and you’re just looking for ways to make your wedding day opulent and beautiful.

Focusing only on what is truly important is key and it is easy to create a luxury wedding day when you put your mind to it, have fun with it and stay organised!

So, for those of you who need a little help here is how to plan your luxury wedding.

Top 7 Tips on How to Plan Your Luxury Wedding

How to plan your luxury wedding

Know Your Vision

When organising the ultimate luxury wedding, couples want to make something that reflects their individual interests. These couples typically appreciate finer things in life and pay close attention to designer brands and wedding fashion trends.

It is really important to know exactly how you envision your day, from the venue to the design, to the colours to the atmosphere. Once you have a clear vision, you can go ahead and choose wedding suppliers who will help you achieve this vision.

Know your vision to plan your luxury wedding

Decide and Slot in Key Times

The key to success in planning your luxury wedding is to be organised with your wedding day timeline by writing down all of the non-negotiable details you have already agreed upon.

This could include the time you have the venue reserved for and the deadline for bringing everything down at the end of the evening. These essential components on your timetable will provide you with a framework for your day, which you can then work around.

Now that you know when food will be served, when the bar opens and closes, what time you are getting hair and makeup done, and when guests can arrive for the ceremony and the evening celebrations.

Slot in your key times to plan your luxury wedding

Everyone’s day looks different but your wedding may flow something like this, assuming you have a 1pm ceremony:

8am – Breakfast and showers.

9am – Photographer arrives. Hair and makeup begin on bridesmaids.

10am – Bride starts hair and makeup. Suppliers begin to set up at the venue.

11am – Bride gets dressed. 

11:45am – Bridal party photos.

12:30pm – Groom and groomsmen arrive for the ceremony and guests begin to arrive.

12:45pm – Bride and Bridal party depart with the photographer.

1pm – Ceremony starts.

1:45pm – Ceremony ends, confetti shots and couple depart for photos.

2:15pm – Reception drinks begin and food.

2:30 – Couple returns from photos and group photos start.

3:45pm – Seat guests for dinner.

5pm – Speeches.

6pm – Cutting Cake. Couples depart for sunset photos – golden hour shots.

7pm – Evening guests arrive.

8pm – First dance.

8:15pm DJ/Live band starts

10pm – Evening food 

How to plan your luxury wedding

Express Your Luxury Wedding Theme Before The Day

The tone of a wedding’s styling, theme, dress code, etc. is established by the invitations. The invitations can be very stylish and sophisticated for a luxury wedding, with a lovely typeface or metallic accents.

Express your luxury theme to plan your luxury wedding

Location and Venue

The location and venue of your wedding are important and it is the first supplier you should consider booking.

It’s getting increasingly challenging to find a location that complements the season, theme, and extravagance of a luxury wedding.

How many people are you inviting and how many will attend? To prevent your guests from feeling cramped, you will need enough space for seating, dining, and dancing.

There are so many luxury Swansea wedding venues and surrounding areas that will truly give you the luxury wedding you are looking for.

A Luxury Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is a memory that you can bring to life through photos. Hire a professional photographer with experience documenting luxury weddings to make an investment in the quality of your memories.

Choose your photographer wisely, ask lots of questions and make sure they are right for you. Look at their previous work and make sure you love their style and they can offer the service you are after.

Investing in a high-quality luxury wedding photographer who can truly bring your luxury wedding day to life through photos is vital to lifelong memories that you can look back at, all of the fun moments and emotions that you missed on the day.

Choose a luxury wedding photographer for your luxury wedding

Gourmet Cuisine

Whether you choose a wedding venue that provides a high-quality menu with freshly produced food, or you choose a supplier to host at your venue to deliver you and your guests a 5-star meal, food is vital.

People love food and people will remember it, so do some food tasting and pick a menu that will suit everyone!

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing your gourmet cuisine:

  • Fresh food. Fresh ingredients simply taste much better.
  • Experienced chefs. The more experienced and high-quality chefs the better the food will taste and be presented, so choose wisely and look at reviews.
  • Make it unique. Whether this is bringing the kitchen to the table or if you there is a particular food that you love, add it to the menu.
Choose a gourmet cuisine to plan your luxury wedding

Add the Wedding Day Timeline Details

It’s time to start adding all of the little touches once you have your wedding day plan set up and all of your suppliers booked!

To make it clearer what is happening and who is participating, add notes to each segment. Knowing when and where each supplier must be present, as well as what they must bring and what specific duties they must perform.

Make sure to confirm and record each of these little details so that everyone can see them. 

In case someone wants to reach them on the day, be sure to include all of your suppliers’ contact information as well. The more information you give, the more smoothly your luxury wedding day will flow. 

Add wedding day timeline details to plan your luxury wedding

Create Your Luxury Wedding Day With Ease

Now you know how to plan your luxury wedding day, the planning process will feel easier and your mind will be at ease. If you need any more wedding planning tips, particularly for a luxury wedding then head to our blog!

If you would like to enquire about your luxury wedding photographer, we would love to chat!

How to plan your luxury wedding