There are many options to take into consideration while you are wedding planning, from flowers and cakes to luxury clothing and stationery. Finding inspiration for your big day by looking at the upcoming year’s trends is a brilliant way to create a stylish and modern day.

Many trends can be adapted to match the overall look and feel of your wedding, regardless of the theme or colour scheme you have chosen. Even if you want a very traditional wedding, you may still incorporate trends without having an adverse effect on or taking away from the theme you had in mind.

So, with all of this in mind, here are some stylish and modern wedding trends for 2023, that you will definitely be seeing!

7 Stylish And Modern Wedding Trends You Will Be Seeing in 2023

Colourful Dresses

Billowing sleeves, detachable skirts, and translucent fabrics made their way down runways during 2023 Bridal Fashion Week. But what was arguably most stunning was how designers used colour.

The wedding trends for 2023 are fun and unexpected, ranging from colourful flower prints designed by Monique Lhuillier to baby blue silk found at Ines Di Santo.

Colourful dresses are a wedding trend you will be seeing in 2023

Couples Getting Ready Together

Although it is traditional for partners to remain apart until the ceremony, modern couples are rewriting their schedules and getting ready together.

You can calm your nerves, have time for private vows, and fit in additional first dance practice by spending time with your significant other before your big celebration.

Embroidered Fashion

When you can wear your vows, why write them down?

To-be-weds will literally sew meaningful words into gloves, veils, and costumes in 2023, bringing statement-making fashion to a whole new level.

Celebrities are leading the way, from Kourtney Kardashian’s veil at her Italian wedding last year that read “Family, Loyalty, and Respect” to Hailey Bieber’s embroidered “Till Death Do Us Part” veil.

Wedding Flower Trends

Maximalism has replaced minimalism. We expect flower designers will fill their canvases with natural bundles of roses, peonies, and textured florals, with garden weddings currently one of the top wedding trends for 2023.

Bold tropical ferns and flowers lose out to layers of flowers that have a more natural appearance and are more whimsical and less graphic.

Wedding trends you will be seeing in 2023

Trending Wedding Colours

Lavender is the new blush. The wedding table is now becoming more elegant and refined thanks to the richer relations of lavender and lilac, eggplant, fig, and plum.

To brighten your colour palette for weddings taking place in the spring and summer, combine these deep purple hues with white and cream. We adore the way dramatic purple blooms are softened with neutral-toned Quicksand Roses.


The demand for pearl wedding dresses has surged in 2022, and in 2023, the trend is expected to gain even more traction. Pearls are a major jewellery element; consider pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Pearls can be found on any part of a wedding dress, from the veil to the shoes. They have been a feature of weddings since their inception and are a beautiful and classic piece of bridal glitz.

Photography Trend: Party Photos with Lots of Flash

Recall the flash from your disposable camera from the 1990s? Couples are increasingly requesting that low-key, bright-flash, paparazzi-style party photo that makes them appear and feel famous. 

For those big and boujee wedding parties, your wedding photos will show all the fun and emotions the night entails!

This is one of our favourite wedding trends for 2023, as they are SO MUCH FUN for us as wedding photographers!

Wedding photos with lots of flash photography which is a wedding trend for 2023

Create Your Big Vision

Now you are aware of the stylish and modern wedding trends for 2023, you have the inspiration to create your dream luxury wedding day, in style!

Have you booked your wedding photographer yet? We love everything big, luxurious and modern so if you are ready to enquire, we would love to chat to you!

Wedding trends you will be seeing in 2023