Knowing how to choose a wedding venue is an essential part of wedding planning because you can’t have a wedding without the ideal location and venue to host the event.

Choosing a wedding location and the ideal wedding venue needs to happen before you get too far along in the planning process, as it will set your date and location, for all of your other suppliers to know!

Now, let us tell you, that Swansea offers some gorgeous wedding venues and scenes that will take your breath away. Here is how to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location.

How to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location

Why Choose Swansea?

Swansea is well known for its beautiful beach, making it the perfect location to combine city and coastal wedding settings. Swansea has a variety of attractions, including historical castles and lovely hotels with seaside views.

How to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location

How To Choose Your Swansea Wedding Venue

Know Your Budget

The Swansea wedding venue you ultimately choose will be significantly influenced by your wedding budget and the location of where you wish to exchange vows.

Selecting a wedding venue will go as smoothly as possible if you know how much you want to spend and where to focus your wedding location search.

If you’re not concerned about your budget and you want to plan a luxury wedding, then here are some Swansea wedding venues you won’t want to miss during your search!

Pick Your Preferred Wedding Dates

Some couples are eager to book a specific date that suits their agenda, while others are completely agnostic. Your chances of getting your preferred Swansea wedding venue are higher the more flexible you are with your wedding date.

We advise beginning with your desired season. Would you rather have a winter wedding or a summer wedding? Choose a few dates inside that season and go from there.

How to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location

Know The Vibe and Style

You won’t be able to select a Swansea wedding venue that fits your needs without having a clear idea of the wedding aesthetic and style you are hoping for. A rustic farm setting might not be ideal if your dream wedding has plenty of acrylic and mirror decorations.

In contrast, if you and your partner adore the great outdoors and want your guests to dine under the stars, a vintage hotel ballroom or a modern art gallery won’t be a good choice.

If you are choosing a big lavish wedding vibe, then opt for a Swansea wedding venue that screams opulence!

If you would love views of the Gower beaches then choose a wedding venue that offers this. Or, if you prefer a city vibe, then your options are there.

How to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location

Understand What Venues Include

Some Swansea wedding venues are all-inclusive; they serve as both a ceremony and reception location and also offer rentals, cuisine and so on.

However, some Swansea wedding venues are more empty, leaving just a blank slate where you will need to bring in your own wedding suppliers and details, which is perfect if you want to create your unique vision!

How to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location

How Many Guests Would You Like To Invite?

You will not be able to properly choose a wedding location that can handle your amount of guests until you have a firm grasp on your guest count. Imagine making a reservation for a small, private venue only to learn that you will be hosting 200 guests. 

Different Swansea wedding venues have different capacities, so choose wisely!

Does It Offer The Space You Require?

Does the Swansea wedding venue offer big outdoor grounds? Do they offer a social area? Do they have a dance floor? These are all of the types of things to consider when choosing your Swansea wedding venue and location.

Does The Venue Offer Epic Photo Opportunities?

You are investing in a Swansea wedding photographer to truly capture your wedding story, so you want to make sure that your Swansea wedding venue and location truly express the type of day you have created as well as show off the gorgeous views that Swansea has to offer. 

How to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location

View Your Favourite Venues

Visiting the venue in person is important for your decision. When you locate the ideal Swansea wedding venue, you will have that gut feeling!

It Is Time To Book Your Swansea Wedding Venue!

Now you know how to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location, be prepared to sign the contract and send a deposit after the viewing is over and all of your questions have been addressed at your preferred wedding venue.

This is the final step in the venue process to confirm your date. After that, it is time to start planning the rest of your wedding!

How to choose your Swansea wedding venue and location