You have started your wedding planning and the thought has crossed your mind whilst thinking about choosing your wedding photographer, “what shots do photographers take at your wedding?”.

As wedding photographers, we focus on keeping wedding shots fun, especially those group shots. We don’t like anything formal and boring and we do not waste hours on those group shots.

Throughout your wedding day there are many different types of shots photographers take and we are going to tell you what they are…

What shots do photographers take at your wedding?

Before The Wedding Photo Checklist

Before your wedding day, we will always discuss with our couples what sort of shots they will expect us to take throughout their day. As well as this, we always ask our couples if there are any must-have shots they want us to take!

Shots Photographers Take At Your Wedding

What shots do photographers take at your wedding?

Pre-Ceremony Photo Checklist

The pre-ceremony is just as important as the rest of your wedding day!

Here we can take photos of the details that perhaps tell a deeper story and meaning behind certain elements. It is also great to see the process of you getting ready and remembering those excited nerves you were feeling as you were getting ready.

  • Wedding invitation shot
  • Make-up and hair shots of brides and bridesmaids
  • Shot of outfit laid out
  • Shot of flowers and accessories
  • Bride putting on dress 
  • The intricate detailing of outfits 
  • Putting on accessories
  • Shot of mother and bride
  • Shot of father and bride
  • Family shots
  • Bride alone
  • Wedding party leaving house or venue
  • Walk to the ceremony or bridal car 
  • Groom getting ready
  • Groomsmen getting ready
  • Groom alone
  • Shots of wedding rings

The Post Ceremony Wedding Photo Checklist – Group Shots!

The nerves of the ceremony are now over and you feeling over the moon with overwhelming joy and love! It is time to capture these emotions with all of your family.

As we mentioned, we do not like to waste time taking formal photos for ages, so we make them fun and quick, showing all the real emotions and personalities!

And, did someone say confetti shot? You can’t beat it! To celebrate your ceremony the best way to capture happiness is through a fun confetti shot.

  • Couple shoot 
  • Portraits of the bride or groom on their own
  • The couple with bridesmaids
  • The couple with groomsmen
  • Couple with the entire wedding party
  • Bride with the maid of honour or bridesmaids
  • Groom with best man
  • Couple with all children
  • Confetti Shots

Walking Down The Aisle

You do not want to miss capturing the groom crying as you walk down the aisle and the guests’ biggest grins and expressions on their faces. Walking down the aisle is a significant and emotional element of your wedding day.

You won’t be able to witness everyone’s reactions because you’ll be too caught up in the moment. As a result, wedding photography is a fantastic way to remember all those missed moments.

Group Shots

These are usually known as the “formal photos” but, we don’t do formal here! Of course, they are organised and we like to include everyone whilst standing in the right place, so the images are not messy, but we make them fun! 

You don’t want to feel awkward and bored waiting for these group shots to be over and one with.

What shots do photographers take at your wedding?

Bouquet Toss

If having this special moment on your wedding day is important to you, then do it. This is a great idea that the bride and her guests like engaging in if you enjoy a little tradition.

Remember to let your photographer know if there is a particular moment you want to be captured on your wedding day so that we can be there at the appropriate time. This is such a fun shot to take!

What shots do photographers take at your wedding?

Dance The Night Away!

Now, these are photos that create the funniest and most joyous shots! Everyone has let loose and had a few drinks, so everyone is having the party of their life dancing and singing away.

These shots that photographers take at your wedding as the most laid back, as you will be so busy mingling with your friends and having a boogy that you will not even know we are there.

We won’t disturb you, we will just blend in with the crowd and maybe have a little boogy ourselves, as we capture the most epic photos of course!

Relax, Your Photographer Will Take Of It!

Trust your photographer and know that they will capture all the details, moments and emotions that your wedding day is truly filled with.

If you would like to enquire about your wedding photography, you can do here, we would love to chat with you!