Whether you are the bride-to-be or the maid of honour planning the hen party, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when planning it, as you you know it is the one celebration with all of your best friends before the day you get married.

Choosing an activity that will be truly memorable means thinking a little deeper into what exactly they love and how they want to feel!

So, for all the boujee gals out there, here are 10 boujee hen party ideas, to help you out!

10 Boujee Hen Party Ideas

Guess the Wine Game

You think you can tell a Pinot from a Sauvignon Blanc, right?

Play the guess the wine game to put your palate to the test. Get everyone to bring a label-covered wine bottle. Everyone sips each wine, after which you must guess the wine’s brand and the guest you believe brought it to the hen party.

It is also an excellent way to get a little tipsy!

Gin & Tonic Pong

Maybe Prosecco or Beer Pong is not your thing! But, there are many different versions of this game. The same guidelines apply as with gin and tonic pong.

Set up your six cups in two separate teams, then fill them all with gin and tonic. One member of the opposing team must drink whenever a ball enters their cup.

Have fun with it and add all of your fave drinks, just be careful not to get too messy!

Rent a Party House

If you fancy a party weekend with your girls then why not rent out a luxury party house? 

There are so many gorgeous houses in the UK that will suit any size party! Do you want a pool? Go for it! The choice is yours.

Grab your favourite drinks, fave Spotify playlist and fun games – you will have an unforgettable night (if you don’t have too many drinks, that is!).

Weekend in Paris

The sheer elegance of a hen weekend in Paris cannot be contested. Fly over in an hour or shoot down on the Eurostar.

You could be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in time for lunch and even rack open the bubbly on a Champagne River Cruise.

Browse through ready-made packages which can include everything from lodging, entertainment, hen-night dinners, activities, and more. If this doesn’t scream boujee hen party, then I don’t know what does!

Sail Before the Veil

Why not give yourself the opportunity to have fun on the open sea when so many parties are confined to packed pubs or lounges?

Make the most of your hen party by bringing food, drinks, music, and your swimsuits! You will spend time on the water, enjoying the sun, and playing fun activities!

Relax With a Staycation

Instead of going to the airport, choose a local five-star hotel as your destination.

Bring your luggage and reserve a spacious room where you can enjoy Champagne, unlimited room service, and movies on demand for one or two nights.

Hire a Glam Squad

Get your ring light ready for tonnes of gorgeous selfies with your girls!

Hire a glam squad to come to you with all the necessary accessories to glam you up! Pose like Gigi Hadid at a fashion show once you and your friends have achieved your smokey eyes and beach waves.

These pictures need to be posted, without a doubt. Once you have snapped these unforgettable photos, the day or night is now yours to celebrate your hen party as you wish.

Classy Afternoon Tea

You can’t go wrong with a hen tea party for a bride-to-be who enjoys fanciful attire and fine china.

With tiny teacups, delicious scones, and finger sandwiches. Most afternoon teas come with Champagne, so make sure to raise a glass in toast.

Many hotels host afternoon teas so you could make the most of your stay by stopping the night and using their spa and pool.

Host a Luxe Slumber Party

Invite the girls over for a night of conversation, good food, and pyjama dancing to your fave music.

You could even put up a movie projector in the garden or living room to watch some of your favourite chick flicks.

Get out the champagne or make your own cocktails and have a night full of relaxation and fun that you deserve for your hen party!

Winery Tour

Few hen party ideas can compare to a winery tour if your group enjoys wine nights or has a favourite red (or white).

It is nothing short of paradise to spend hours with your besties sipping on a wide selection of wines, eating cheese platters, and enjoying the dappled sunlight.

Perhaps you will find a new favourite to serve at the wedding.

Are you ready to plan your boujee hen party now?

Now we have given you our top 10 boujee hen party ideas, I am sure there is something that takes your fancy and screams opulence and fun, for the bride-to-be who deserves it!

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